Summer Programs

at Commonwealth Academy


Sports & Adventure Camp offers a different off-campus adventure each day of the week plus an overnight campout.

Camp Cougar

Camp Cougar is our traditional day camp that blends a wide range of camp options.

VR & Aerial Robotics

Virtual Reality & Aerial Robotics (indoor drones) is our newest camp curated from student interest & feedback. 


Esports camp offers Overwatch and Rocket League traininig & competitions.

Algebra I & II

6 Weeks
One Credit Per Class


Basketball Camp develops individual and team skills through games and drills.

Prepare for the ultimate experience this summer!

Adventure Camp

During this one week camp, students will have the opportunity to Stand Up Paddleboard/Kayak, Mountain Bike, Hike, Rock Climb, and participate in an overnight camping trip close the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Virtual Reality & Aerial Robotics

This week of camp will allow students to use the Oculus Quest 2 Virtual Reality systems to engage in individual and group virtual reality games. In Addition, campers will have the opportunity to help design an indoor course and fly aerial robots through it to compete in time trials with other campers.


Esports camp offers the two titles we compete in as a school, Overwatch and Rocket League. Teamwork, sportsmanship, and communication are skills that we focus on at camp. It take more than just solo gaming mechanics to be a successful Esports player.


Basketball Camp will help players of any experience level develop individual and team skills through games and drills.

Camp Cougar

Camp Cougar is a fun-filled, multi-activity camp that includes Theatre, Sports, Arts and Crafts, Visual Arts, 3D Arts, Dance or Movement, Music, Cooperative Games, Minecraft, Aerial Robotics (indoor drones), Lego building, and daily trips to Simpson Park.